A relatively new Silicon Valley startup has made wireless charging truly wireless

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A new Silicon Valley startup claims to have taken wireless charging to the next level.
Pi, a newbie in the valley
has apparently developed the world’s first wireless charger that doesn’t need a mat or cords to charge devices.

The charger made by the company looks like a table vase. It has a conical shape and leverages magnetic waves to charge devices wirelessly. It still operates on the standard wireless charging technology that is supported by both Android and Apple devices.

Pi’s chief of technology Lixin Shi told AFP that magnetic waves are an ideal solution for safely sending energy to portable devices. The challenge was to bend the magnetic waves to find the phones. CTO Shi and co-founder John MacDonald met when they were graduate students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and began to work together some three and a half years back.

The tech was showcased at TechCrunch Disrupt’s San Francisco leg.

Pi apparently took over a year to complete the mathematical proof that made it all possible. The magnetic waves are not as powerful as ones used for medical imaging, but enough to charge devices at full speed.

Pi said the devices will begin shipping from next year and will be priced “well below $200” (Rs 12,835 approx).

The news comes after
Apple embraced wireless charging
this year with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Apple is even slated to release an “AirPower” that can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and the new AirPod case simultaneously.

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